The manufacturing process and shuttle kiln to fire ceramic kiln rollers are based on Spain advanced technology. Each of production step is checked in detail from specifically selected roller materials to the last packing.


Ceramic rollers are hi-tech advanced ceramic products made with patented cool isostatic pressing technique and over 50 years of professional manufacturing experience.
Ceramic rollers are widely used in roller kilns for firing wall tile, floor tile, table ware, sitall tile, magnetic materials and electronic ceramic, etc.

User guide:

1. The strippable protective coating for ceramic rollers are composed of ground coating and over coating. Before painting, mix the ground coating and over coating to homogeneous slurry respectively, and the mixture of these two kinds of coating is strictly forbidden.
2. Clean up the surface of the roller first, then spread the ground coating onto the roller. The thickness must be controlled within 0.2-0.3mm (using method of painting or marinating or pouring just once). Let the ground coating dry naturally for more than half an hour, then spread the over coating( within 0.8-1.2 mm, using method of painting or marinating or pouring two or three times normally.) While actually operating, the ground coating should be spread on a batch of rollers, then the over coating.
3. After drying naturally, the rollers should be laid beside or on the kiln for full day.
4. When changing the rollers, put the dried rollers with coatings directly into high temperature zone (>1000℃). To avoid exfoliating of the coatings
5. After rollers are fired for a period, the over coating should have been stained with glaze droplets, and the surface cleaning of the rollers is needed. and launch into the newly applying.
6. Within 950-1300℃, the coatings act a good protection.
7. Do not preheat the rollers in low temperature zone before inserting it into high temperature zone.
8. During cleaning up, the over coating can be stripped to fragments easily by a slight knock.