The ASG/5 and AG/5 models are respectively blown air and sucked air burners, purposely designed to fire facing “bricks” and roof tiles and are particularly suitable for kilns with reduced load height.

They have a double cone capable of creating the best mix of fuel and combustion air supplied by the fan (in the case of ASG/5) or exploiting (in the case of AG/5) the Venturi effect created by the specific section of the cone, which combined with the gas pressure, sucks in combustion air. In this version the air is not supplied by the fan and can be adjusted using a butterfly valve fitted directly on the diffuser.

In both cases the flame length is reduced for excellent firing even in reduced height kilns.


The ASG/5 – AG/5 burners offer the same reliability and durability as the ASG/1 and ASG/2 models, reducing both planned and unplanned maintenance work and costs to a minimum.