The ASG models are burners operating with a mixture of gas and blown air, suitably calculated with the fan and nozzles sized accordingly, but equipped with valves for final manual adjustment depending on the needs of the different types of materials to be fired.

Both work by self-combustion and are therefore not equipped with flame control. The two models differ in the type of operation: the first, ASG/1T offers ON OFF operation, whilst ASG/2 is a pulsed burner. Both can be supplied with an electrical panel, but the ASG/2T in particular is equipped with a panel capable of controlling the opening times for every single solenoid valve (one for every firing point) and the cycle frequencies.


The ASG models are extremely reliable, easy to manage burners. All of the parts in contact with the fire or gas are made of stainless steel; in particular, the tip of the diffusers most exposed to the fire is made of a thick casting in a stainless steel alloy.

With a few adjustments, the ASG/1T can be used as a FLASHING* machine in a reducing environment.

The ASG can also be mounted on wheels so that it can be used with Hoffman kilns.